We cherish the wiggly and wonderful stems that nature produces and love to celebrate these unique floral characters in all our designs. Here’s how Ochre got started…

About Ochre

Ochre (OH·kur) Botanical Studios is a micro flower farm and floristry studio in Edinburgh. Ochre was founded by Julie Cook, Marion Sandwith, Sophie Erskine, Sarah Walker, Fiona Hay and Cynthia Fan in mid 2020. The very lovely Claire Sylvester joined our number in 2023.

2020 was a humbling time for all of us. During this troubling year, we were lucky enough to have a quiet moment to think and dream about flowers and the way we design with them. We’ve each had the pleasure of working with beautiful, locally grown British flowers over many years. For this reason we felt sure we needed to embrace the dream of growing our own flowers and experience the rewards that could bring. And we wanted to do it together.

Ochre Collective
Vase Arrangement

Our Journey

Ochre embodies our core values of working in an environmentally conscious way and promoting floristry practice that is responsible, ethical and that has a sustainable future.

After some searching, we serendipitously found a community walled garden in Edinburgh who were happy for us to grow in a small corner of their 3+ acre site. Our main growing season is usually late March until October. We grow on a very small-scale, so we grow only what we love.

The power of the collective means that we can support each other, take on exciting large-scale projects, and share the workload and joy of both making and growing beautiful flowers.


The pandemic put a lot of things into perspective for us. We collectively agreed that we wanted to put in the hard work for ourselves going forward and make fundamental changes to better our practice.

The welcome, support and encouragement we’ve had from other British growers and designers has been phenomenal. We are proud members of Flowers from the Farm.

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